I'm sitting in a quiet spot, the only sounds are the fans moving the air. In a time like this I'm thinking of who we are, what we are, and where we are going. It can be disconcerting at times. I've been on this planet for 64 years, I've had a good life, I've experienced some bad times. I've met a lot of people and many of them are still with me, even those who have left this realm to go on to further adventures.

We are living in a police state, a place where fear rules, people are afraid to speak because they fear disruption to their small circle of life, or fear for their family, their existence, their future. Here is an article that describes our world today and gives some insight into why we see no mass outcry about what is happening.

Here is another article that describes how we have fallen victim to the police state, why we see so much abuse of civil liberties by the police who were once seen as the force protecting us from evil. This article demonstrates how police are using 'charges' as a way to suppress speech and assembly and how some people are on watch lists.

This next item is a report by some scholars at NYU who did a thorough investigation of NYPD tactics and actions during the Occupy Wall Street encampment and protest. More insight into our police state and how it operates.

This article explains what the NSA (National Security Agency) is doing now. It is a revelation from a whistleblower, a person who knows and as a citizen of this country has spoken out. I find it ironic that to get a story like this you have to go to a foreign news source.

Now it is time to think some more.... maybe you need to do some thinking too..I'm wondering when thought will be deemed a terrorist act?
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It is going to get interesting. I see the money thing and the SuperPAC's swinging the election to Romney. You have to realize that most voters have a tinge of racism down deep, and a lot of people voted for Obama because they hated Bush so much. However, with the rhetoric and lies that the right will flood the airwaves with, it doesn't look good for Obama. I'll vote for him even though I'm not happy with a lot of his policies. I think he's taking too much for granted. I'm now more of an independent than a democrat, having seen that evil isn't confined to the Republican camp. 

So based on that premise, prepare for a real depression. Learn to be self sufficient. If you are a woman, you are going to feel like you are under attack. Romney is Mormon and Mormon women are told they should be happy being a homemaker and having a lot of kids.  The environment will suffer. I don't know where to go to hide from all this, Canada, once a haven for expats is now suffering under a George W. Bush clone named Steven Harper.

There will be little people will notice at first. One thing will be that Washington will start doing a lot more to give corporations more power, as the people in office will be doing their best to stay in power. 

No, we survived 8 years of Bush, we waited for a change and elected Obama, we got some change but he was but one man and Congress didn't support him. We then must be prepared for the hardest 4 years in our lives. It isn't going to be pretty and we may need a total overhaul of the Constitution after that. One thing will be that even the dumb people who voted for Romney will be screaming for change next time.

In Wisconsin, democracy died, and money buried it. In the 2012 Presidential election you are going to hear so many lies, so much absolute trash on TV that most people will just shut the TV off and leave it off. I expect to see free speech disappear, so will freedom of assembly. It will be said that these things must be curtailed for safety of the general population, but really they don't want people bring attention to the injustices that are going to be so evident. The 'middle class' was a construct that kept people striving to become higher on the social ladder, well, they just pulled the ladder up. We will all be part of the working class, struggling along, and feeling lucky we have something to eat or a place to sleep. 

I see a rise in unions again, it will be a struggle, but people will realize that the union worker isn't overpaid, they will finally see they are underpaid. The disparity will be wider, and we will live much as the Proles of 1984.

Read the description of life and living conditions in the novel 1984 for a preview of life under 4 more years of Republican rule...
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 There is a lot happening right now but most people don't know about it because the main stream media, being part of the propaganda machine, is hiding it. The police are being brutal in Chicago, as people try to demonstrate against the NATO killing machine. In Montreal, 250,000 marched today in defiance of a new law (Bill 78) that made protest a crime. They have had almost 100 days of protests there, because of a proposal to increase tuition 80%. Sometimes I wonder when people are going to become aware that things are not going to get any better. The youth are feeling it, those who have graduated find no jobs, others who do find jobs see no future. We have a generation that will not live as well as we did, a generation of increased poverty and depression. Some day we will wake up and find ourselves being told we have no rights, we live in a gulag, and if you are not contributing to the labor force, you are worthless and will be dealt with harshly. 

I'm glad that the students in Montreal have refused to go along with the draconian rules. I hope that our youth join in the rebellion and demand change.  We have a key election in 2012, will we have democracy after that or will we continue this depression? Read, watch, study the issues, vote for what you want to see, don't vote against your own self interests. Will the 2012 election really happen or will we have a coup before then?

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Hey, the cops have arrested some alleged domestic terrorists... but the story gets even stranger... 

Looking at the pictures and videos of the three alleged 'domestic terrorists', I see three men who 'may' be anarchists and some seized beer making supplies. So I guess that in the current police state, home brewing is a terrorist act. Either that of the cops just wanted to start brewing their own pale ale. I guess of you say anything nowadays, it can be twisted into a federal case and be used to send you away as a 'terrorist'. Unfortunately the real terrorists are living large on Wall Street, K Street, and Capitol Hill.
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Apr. 18th, 2012 05:32 pm
They want to control everything... corporations want to own you. If they control your thoughts they own you, so they have decided that privacy is not to be allowed, and they are offering a law called CISPA.... They want to control the food supply.... so you have to control the means of production and one way would be to wipe out heritage breeds,, they are presently doing that in Michigan   Big brother is alive and well, it is the corporation, it has bought the government, it has taken over your school board, it wants to control every aspect of your life. It is fighting to chip away at our rights, one at a time. Be aware, be informed (you are never going to be informed by watching TV).  I know, three are a few out there who are willing to sit back in their little bubble and think that this will just go away if they don't make waves. Sorry, they will come for you later. Posted on Dreamwidth
It has already started. People are being convicted as terrorists because the government says they must be imprisoned because they may commit  a crime. Here is an interesting article to read. Yes, the United States government is a little behind schedule for implementing 1984. They are working on it. Right now they are putting Muslims behind bars, next will be whistleblowers, and then members of the Occupy movement. Dissent is now considered a terrorist act.  Posted on Dreamwidth


Apr. 12th, 2012 01:07 pm
"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell Posted on Dreamwidth
 This year may be very interesting. As the power structure of this country becomes very aware of the discontent of the masses we may finally see the true nature of our government as they move to crush dissent and we see people 'disappear' into camps, no trial, no justice, just locked away for being too vocal or visible.

They have the means, after a little research I've noticed a few FEMA camps in the West. The police will be using drones by late Summer. NSA is building a massive facility in Utah to intercept and collect every bit of personal communication for analysis and then will use that info to figure out who is a threat to the military/industrial/financial complex and the forces of the government will be used to harass and intimidate those indivuals. 

The upcoming political conventions will be largely a sham, as both parties are nothing but slightly different casts of characters who carry out the plundering of our country for their masters. There will be protests but the goons will crack down even harder than before, and I expect to see more blood on the streets, all in the name of national security. Watch for martial law in the cities where these conventions are held. 

I strongly believe that most people will not realize anything is not right because they don't want to acknowledge that anything is wrong because as long as they can live in their little bubble, they feel like they have a chance of being left alone. Sorry to burst that bubble, and as the people of pre-war Germany discovered, by the time these people wake up, they will be under the complete control of a few elete groups will will then have the power to dictate who lives and who dies. And just think, if you are not an asset to their eyes, and you may be elderly or disabled, you will be considered disposable. Eugenics, remember that term. It is the future.

History has a bad habit of repeating itself, and it wil start looking like the Dark Ages in the future.  We can prevent it but it requires people to wake up and decide that the status quo is not right. When I see change, I see total change, as present systems have been gamed by the power elete to fit their plan, we have to look at a new way, and at the same time dismantle the system we have today. 

That is enough ranting for now, I guess I should get some sleep. Got to stay fit for the battle.

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As I read this article I'm geting educated on how the United States Government will do whatever it takes to keep its war machine subjugating people all over the planet so we can steal natural resources for the military/industrial complex.  The rules of law mean nothing when those in power feel threatened. They will ignore legal rules, and use whatever means to get to you.  At one time in my life we were taught that those Communists were bad, now I realize that we were lied to, and the real evil wears the red, white, and blue. Posted on Dreamwidth
Facial recognition software as reached a new standard... and Hitachi has it, It will be available next year. How does being able to identify a person in seconds even with a database of 36 million images sound? Sounds like big brother got a new toy and we will all find it intruding into our lives. Right now the protestors from  Occupy movements around the country have found the police asking for DNA samples and retinal scans.  Posted on Dreamwidth


Mar. 25th, 2012 01:41 pm
Thinking.. for me it sometimes gets dangerous. I've been on this earth a while. While the number of years are high, I still think much younger than my years. I was once very proud to call myself an American. That started to change in 1971. Our country was making a big mistake in Vietnam. It made me, as an American GI, a target of ridicule and scorn where I was in Europe. Once, when I was traveling, I displayed a Canadian flag on my backpack, because Canadians were treated much better. I could eat. sleep, and travel without having people calling me a baby killer.  I left the service and returned home to a country divided. We were still in the process of war, and we had the usual armchair patriots, screaming at demonstrators, to love it or leave it (I knew many young people who left and never returned) and the flag wavers who thought by supporting the war they were 'supporting the troops'. I became active in the anti war movement, and felt that stopping the war and the senseless killing was saving lives, of Americans as well as those people unlucky to live in a country we had seen as something to add to our empire. The war ended, we had gone through some rough times. Many had been made criminals by those who profited by war and police had gone from someone you trusted to 'pigs'. 

We are in a similar time today. The war machine is a major force in our economy, the police have gone from being just 'pigs', to become tool of the corporate elite, thus 'fascist pigs'. Our lives have been bought, sold, and categorized by a consumer society, all in the name of supporting a capitalist system that is not only unsustainable but that is a quick path to the destruction of the human race. It seems that insanity is the new qualification for public office. We now have a 'say anything, do nothing' Congress, except when they do do something, it usually involves the destruction of basic human rights and human dignity.  We cannot trust our own government, and they fear people and the power the people have so much they are willing to do anything to keep the people who are waking up from rising up. We have a propaganda medium, that claims to be journalism. but is nothing more than a squawk box for what the government wants to be heard. Censorship is becoming more apparent, people are being beaten and jailed for speaking out, and we are destroying a generation of men and women with our 'all volunteer' military. We de-humanize people so they will do the same to our 'enemy' and then wonder why the kill without provocation. 

We are at a crossroads right now. I never thought I would see the day when I would see why we have 'patriot' movements. Ruby Ridge should have opened my eyes, but at that time I was blind. Now I see some of these groups are preparing for the police state, not that it isn't already here, it just hasn't crashed through your front door to sieze your guns, food, and children. I keep looking for signs of the next phase, the re-education camps, the gulags, the thought police. I'm finding more evidence every day that this is where we are going. Of course, many will just want to keep quiet, not make a noise, and sacrifice their freedom for a little security, but they will find their silence has just placed them in a positon where they will suffer a slow death, much like a frog placed in a pot of cool water over a flame, the water heats slowly, and by the time the frog realizes the danger he is unable to escape and is cooked alive.

This coming year we will see a lot of activity from both camps. There will be those in the streets and those in government fighting for their cause, there will be clashes, and quite possibly some will die. The election of 2012 will be more than a election, it will be a battle between good and evil. It will decide if we die as slaves or live as free man. I say to people, turn off that TV, get involved, speak out about the injustice you see and speak out for those people who cannot speak because they are in prison for taking actions to spread the truth (Bradley Manning). Know more about who you vote for than the slick flyers you get in the mail. Know who supports the candidate, where the money came from, who owns him. If you have an incumbent, look at what he/she  has done. Is it in the best interest of humanity of has he/she become a tool of the corporations? If faced with no choice, it may be better to vote for none of the above. Seek peace, surround yourself with people who you can trust, develop those friendships now, as a rising movement we need to organize. There are a lot of obstacles on the path to real change. I first fought the system in the late 60's and early 70's. It was a long battle but the people prevailed for a while. Now we need to rise up again and beat back the beast before we are beaten down and put in chains. The beast has leaned lessons from the Vietnam era, it now controls the media, as it was the media that brought the war into our living rooms and that ended the war.  It now knows it must infiltrate and spy on groups in order to win the battle for the hearts and minds, and to use force early and often to break the spirit and crush the opposition. Beware of the beast, that military/financial/media complex that is nothing but a oligarchy that wants to make us all slaves. Slaves that are meek and willing to do anything for basic food, shelter, and a few minutes not being beaten. They want to control food, water, energy, healthcare. They want to control where you live, how you travel, what you read, what you think. Read Orwell's 1984. read Animal Farm, read.. a lot of information is out there. Be aware, be vigilant, and always be prepared. When things get really bad is isn't going to be pretty or very safe. 

Develop skills that will serve you well and decrease your dependence on those corporations. Fight the lies, tell the truth, defend the defenseless, live for humanity and for our planet. I want to leave this planet as better place for the next generation. It isn't going to happen if we all don't get up, stand up, and become true citizens of the planet.

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Strange thing just happened... when I went to post to Dreamwidth I had to re-log in. Maybe it has to do with what I wrote about earlier and what I may have said earlier  today on FaceBook. Oh well, the watchers are watching. I'm just small fry, but if I should disappear, be aware.

Now to the topic at hand.

Read this article. It may disappear soon.. It has 'too much' information in it.  One step closer to the Orwellian world of 1984.  Be aware, be vigilant.


More info has come int the light... and it gets much more Orwellian.

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Seems the RIAA and some of the major ISP's have an agreement... that is that the RIAA will be watching you and if they see you downloading copyright material they will in turn tell your ISP, who in turn will warn you that you are being watched... there are ways to fight this but be assured, this is but the first wave in an effort to censor what you can see and do. 

Now this didn't need any legislation (even though snooping by the RIAA sounds illegal) it is another example of why the media industry is not your friend. 
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This article has some almost comical exploits of the FBI Portland office and their 'hunt' for something to justify their existence. It reads like an episode of the comedy show Portlandia, except it is real. Our government fears us, yes us, the people, because they cannot control us (yet).  Maybe they should fear us, really fear us, because the more oppressive the government becomes, the more radical the people become. I'm waiting for the first wave of revolution to happen, and it will probably start in europe. Then they (our fascist government) will tighten the screws, but the seed will already be growing. At one time I wondered what all those 'patriot' groups I read about in Idaho and Eastern Washington were up to, now I know. After Ruby Ridge, they saw what was coming, long before the rest of us people did. They may have been a bit too far out there, but the basic premise that the government was not to be trusted rings true. 

Be vigilant.. be aware...
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It seems the Republican party has sunk so low as they have become treasonous bastards who would sacrifice democracy for power. Depending on how this election goes this year, we may find ourselves living in a fascist/theocratic dictatorship. They are willing to go so far as to kill our economy and all we have worked for in order to impose their warped view of the world on us. I'm not saying that what we have for alternative choices is good, just that those on the Republican side of the equation are crazy. Anyone who thinks they (the Republicans) are the way to go is seriously ill and hopelessly ignorant. The more i see I think we are on a slippery slope, hurtling toward the abyss. They must remember, when we ht bottom and have nothing else to lose, we become extremely dangerous. 

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Seems that Congress has decided that free speech and other parts of the First Amendment are something that we need to outlaw, so in their fear that we might just remove them from office they have given themselves a new law that makes protest and free speech a crime.  Read this article, then read the text of the bill... we just lost our freedom people.  Posted on Dreamwidth
DHS is watching social media and blogs to save us from those who would harm us... or s they say. We are now the target of their snooping. Here is an article that has a list of words they look for... and have fun because they may be watching you because you were talking about your IRA...

I'll keep them busy with my rants... that should give you some degree of safety.
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What if you are being investigated and want a hearing? Well, in Suffolk County Massachusetts you may have a problem... The Assistant District Attorney is going after a person who has an account on Twitter, and was hoping to do this all in secret... but Twitter told the person, they blogged about it, and the ACLU got involved... but true to police state fashion, the person being investigated isn't allowed to know what he is being investigated for, and the hearing, the case file, the discussions, everything is secret... so how do you defend yourself? Read this Kafkaesque account of the hearing and decide if we don't live in a police state.. Posted on Dreamwidth
The bill allowing for indefinite detention by the military will be signed and there is a hidden item allowing the Department of Defense to wage cyberwar at the direction of the President against any and all

So we have NDAA, then SOPA, combined with PROTECTIP and next we have a government shutdown on Friday.... Time for the citizens to take over, this Congress is treasonous... Posted on Dreamwidth



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