Thought I'd share some video of riding a bicycle along Coast Highway in one of the more congested parts of the San Diego coast is is not for those who are not aware and alert, but is typical of what would be a bicycle tour down the coast.

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I was checking out fully loaded touring....the bike handled it well.

ute at ponto

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A pretty good article I found in an unlikely source (Alternet) explains why in simple terms. It makes sense, especially the last point about women being an indicator of a bike friendly city. Posted on Dreamwidth


Apr. 4th, 2012 11:35 am
Went on a bike ride yesterday. Good bike facilities are something that San Diego County has, and I enjoy them. Total, stress free riding. Here is a shot of the San Luis Rey River trail.

sanluisrey bike ride1

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I keep hearing a bunch of crap from the conservative side of the political spectrum about socialism and Agenda 21 and all their other phobias about how Obama wants to 'Europeanize' this country. Here is one way that this country can transform, and the Dutch changed when they realized that they did not want to be dependent on oil. We can make this country better, even if a large number of conservatives want to hide under their tin foil hats.

Watch this video... think about the cities near you.

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Mar. 29th, 2012 12:21 pm
One thing I see everyday are memorials. It seems to be a way for a public display of  the grief  and loss that someone has when someone significant in your life is taken unexpectedly. I always wonder about the backstory, and here is the story about one such memorial. In the cycling community we have a way that is common in many cities, the solitary white bike chained to a street light post, a memorial to a cyclist killed by a motorist. Read the story. Posted on Dreamwidth

the return

Mar. 28th, 2012 06:50 pm
Just got back from Palm Desert... it was warm down there and half of the time I was running into a 10 to 15 mph headwind... It was fun though. 

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The City of San Jose hosted the Lord Mayor of Dublin this past weekend and they had fun riding bikes. Here is a link to a article and a slideshow of pictures of the event. [ profile] serendipity, you should have been there...

San Jose Bike Party
Seems Oakland isn't all about bad cops or a mayor who is a fraud... this cafe promotes good causes and has fun doing it.... Looks like an idea that could be transplanted to other communities. Posted on Dreamwidth
First, my close friend Steve is taking on a big bike trip this summer... he's going to meander down the Pacific Coast from Washington State to California...

That got me thinking.. if he can do that at 67.. I shoud be able to work up to some longer trips. I need to ride my bike more, and I need those rides to be more challenging. I was thinking today, that what is for me a one day trip to the beach, would be a two day one way trip, so a round trip would be 5 days or more... I'm not up to that yet, but with oil getting scarce and prices getting high, I'm looking at starting with local trips of a day maybe two.  I want to use camping and hostels when available.

Anyway, bicycle travel will be part of my future,, camping gear on board and prepared to spend the night out... I might start in mid April. In the meantime, physical conditioning and preparation are going to take place.I'll test the gear, and myself to find the formula that works. Oh, these trips will also use other forms of public transit, like bus and train; as public transit is bike friendly.
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Need to lose a few pounds? Feel sort of blah? Get out of the house and ride a bike, or even take a walk. Most people can get through life without starting that car, as most trips are less than 2 miles. Read this study and think how you can be healthier by walking or biking on that short trip. Posted on Dreamwidth
I took a bike ride today, combining a visit to my pharmacy and a bit of exploring. I started by driving to Corona and exiting the SR91 freeway at Green River Drive. I then off loaded my bicycle and started my ride down the Santa Ana River trail. At this point I was technically still in Corona and about 12 miles from my destination. I had checked the weather before i left, knowing that any wind on the return trip would make the trip more difficult.

The trip went well on the downward leg. Anyone who thinks a river trail is flat would be strongly advised to forget that. It took a bit over an hour to get to the pharmacy and lock up the bike. I got what I wanted at the pharmacy and started my return trip.

By this time a 'gentle breeze' had started to blow, maybe 5 to 10 mph, but in this case it was a headwind. No real problem though, it just forces you to use a lower gear and put a bit more effort into the journey. My body needed fuel, so I took a lunch break at In-N-Out burger in Yorba Linda near Imperial Highway. It tasted great. Refreshed and re-fueled I continued my trek eastward.

By now it was getting warm, there wasn't much shade about. I found myself going through a lot more water than planned, but had no real problem till the last two miles when I was out of water. I'll do better planing next time (yes, there will be a next time)

Along the way there were a lot of migrating waterfowl to be seen along the trail.

There are pictures, including some of a memorial to a homeless man who was frequently sen along the is a link..

Overall the trip was rewarding, it was challenging, and I did my errand by not using a car...

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Yesterday was play day...

I took off on the morning in my truck, hauling my cargo bike for an urban adventure. I drove to Long Beach, one of my favorite cities to check out the bicycling scene. I was impressed.

The City of Long Beach has been awarded the title of Bike Friendly City and it shows. There is a complete network of signed bike routes, a useful map, and even separate signal systems at key intersections for rider safety. Lane markings, and protective barriers round out the bikeways. Bike parking is easy with countless bike stands (very artistic metal sculptures design for securing your bike) and in the downtown there is Bike Station, an enclosed, secure parking structure with lockers and showers. Innovation doesn't end there, as bike parking is given dedicated street space with bike corrals. These are secure bike racks on the street that can hold quite a few bikes.

Most of these changes in Long Beach have taken place in the last few years, and the impact on the downtown is showing. It has a vibrant business community, very accessible transit options, urban development that fits the city and a feeling that Long Beach is moving forward towards a sustainable future.

I must admit, I'm biased, as a cyclist and former resident, I've always found Long Beach to be appealing. Sure, rents are a bit high, but you have a city with a diverse ethnic population, good parks, great museums, entertainment, and it is bike friendly. I'll be exploring the senior housing opportunities there in another trip. Yes, I might just return if I can make it fit my income.

Now for some pictures....

lb bike signal

lb bike station

Bike corral

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The day before yesterday when I was riding my bike it was less difficult than the day before. I did discover something as I loaded the bike in the truck. Brake adjustments are key, as any little resistance can add to a lot of effort to keep moving...and my rear disk brake was dragging just a bit so I was burning extra calories without knowing it. I will be sure to adjust my brakes and the bike, while easy to ride, will become much easier, especially climbing hills. I sometimes forget that maintenance is vital to keep things running well and how a simple thing, just slightly out of adjustment can have a big impact on how things go.

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me and bike s ponto

Taken at South Cardiff State is my cargo bike...and yes, I look like Santa and bike riding will help me lose about 30 pounds...

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Nov. 25th, 2011 09:24 am
Some leftovers from the other day when it was a bit wetter and the ground was much softer...


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the cruise

Nov. 13th, 2011 09:10 pm
I went bike riding in San Diego today...


.... and took a ferry from Coronado to downtown...


... there was some nice scenery...


... more to follow...

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good advice

Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:05 am
Want to live a long healthy life? Read this... a little bike ride can do wonders...  Posted on Dreamwidth
Check out this... 508 miles in 48 hours... on a bike.  Not for the casual rider, but for the person who likes to push the limits.  Posted on Dreamwidth



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