... but I wonder if I'm on a list. I have some things in my background that got me an large FBI file and that also included travel restrictions for a few years after I left the military. I had no problems when I last flew in 1998, but times have changed. I would be pissed if this happened.... but considering how our freedoms are eroding, I know that this is more likely to occur today than at any time in the past.  We are moving towards a fascist state, one where citizens are but pawns in a game, and other aspects of live closely resemble life in Orwell's 1984. Oh well, I remember being free, they haven't taken that from me yet... but will they.
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Part of the Bush legacy was having shoes thrown at him in Baghdad... here is the story from the trial of the alledged attacker... my hero!
 Another day and Barack Obama is slowly chipping away at his base, alienating another member every second with his shift to being a Republican centerist. He now owns the Democratic party, (or at least it seems that way) and is slowly destroying any progressive tendencies of the party. 

No, I'm not ready to vote for McBush, but if he (Barack Obama) becomes to centerist (a.k.a. Republican) I might as well be voting for McCain, at least I know where he's coming from. Obama has betrayed those folks who got him the nomination. No more funds from me.

The more that is revealed about the Bush/Cheney regime, and the fact they may have not have read or understand the Constitution, the fact is they have studied Orwell.  What is scary is that some of the characters in this nightmare have gone on to teach in institutions of higher learning. The chief example is John Yoo, teaching law at Berkeley, another of the evil spawn that graduated from Yale (is there something we should look at here? Yale, Skull and Bones) is the same John Yoo who wrote memos saying, in effect, that the president could do as he wished, even to the point of emulating his nemesis Saddam Hussein, in time of war. No, we live this Orwellian nightmare every day till we see the Bush/Cheney regime leave Washington and start the war crimes tribunals.



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