The great architecture that is Los Angeles... this is a prime example.

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There were a lot of bikes out there. Estimates say it was close to 100,000 riders.

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Yes, it was this crowded... but it was sure fun. Just think of a bike party 10 miles long with over 100,000 people attending.

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I went to LA for CicLAvia, a day when over 10 miles of streets are car free and for bicyclists. It was fun, a whole lot of fun. I'm processing the pictures and editing the video but that is not as good as being there.

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Started working on my taxes, just the preliminary numbers. It looks like I owe the feds some money and the state owes me a refund. For a while I was thinking I was going to get killed on taxes, but it looks like I'll just get slapped.  Tomorrow I'll finish the taxes and on April 10th or so I'll file federal forms and e-file the state.

I'm getting ready to list some more items on eBay. There may be a swap meet this Saturday (they allow selling on the 5th Saturday.). I will start thinning down my bike collection, I got some good ones I'll be selling. I gathered a whole trash bag of old clothes to go to the thrift store. 

It will be dry tomorrow and thus I'm going to ride locally, training at 4000 feet makes riding at sea level a breeze. CicLAvia is coming up on April 15 th, so I'll be making the trek to downtown Los Angeles for the ride and social scene.  Anyone locally going to attend?  It is a spectacular gathering, and even if you don't ride, there are waling tours of downtown, good food, good music, and a lot to see. It is great for kids.
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