What  I saw and heard and witnessed on live feeds made me more determined to see this non-violent revolution through to the end. What we are facing is a system that will fight to keep power and they don't care how many they have to kill, injure or maim to keep that power. However, there is a limit to how long they can hold power because the jails and prisons are already crowded and when the cops are outnumbered 10 to 1 they may decide it isn't worth it. I know that general strikes are illegal under federal law, but I feel it will happen. I see Bank of America under a lot of stress and they will be seeking another bailout soon. As I write this people are still on the streets of Oakland, tensions are stil high. There is a recall started against Mayor Quan... ground zero is now Oakland, just as Chicago was in 1968. I post more later but you can read some of what I have to say on my Google + account if your are in my circles.

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Zbigniew Brzezinski says what needs to be said... and I hope the holders of wealth take notice.  Watch the video... he says we are approaching a tipping point and need to address the disparity and inequality we now face.  His message needs to be heard. It is coming, and depending on what they do in Washington, it may arrive before 2012. Posted on Dreamwidth
Even though we live in a state that has Democrats in the majority, the Republicans are still on the attack against workers... read this list of pending legislation by Republicans in the Senate and Assembly... and make that call and let them know how you feel. Better yet, if any one of these clowns represents you in this state, be sure to let them know by not voting for these S.O.B.'s
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Now is the time to make the move to smaller banks... local not national... and don't forget credit unions.  I use credit unions and a small local bank in Hemet.. I expect to see CalPERS, my retirement system use its multi billion dollar clout to make the supporters of this anti-labor movement feel the heat. So it is time to make them pay... dearly. The too big to fail need to fall...

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This article explains the conservative view of life.... and morals. It gives a  clear picture of what we will experience of conservative views triumph. It is an eye opening look at why the battle in Wisconsin is the first battle of the revolution and the battle for our future.
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This video is good, especially the soundtrack behind it from Arcade Fire...  remember, we are all part of the battle in Wisconsin, as the class war has started. Just today the 'AstroTurf' groups funded by the Koch brothers were bussed in to counter demonstrate... a bunch pf ignorant tea party and others. The even had Andrew Breibart there to do his 'journalistic' best. This is everyone's fight.
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To borrow a line from a Bangles hit, it looks like the revolution that started in Tunisia and then Egypt, needs to occur on our shores. 
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I just read this article on a fellow bloggers post ... and wanting to see wider distribution, I'm also posting my comment and a link here. We are in crisis, and I'm not talking about the deficit. I'm talking about a Congress that doesn't serve the people and is hellbent on destroying the country so they can fashion their own little fascist state, where working people are but serfs to the oligarchs. Class warfare is being waged on working people, on the elderly, on the youth of this country, on those who are less fortunate. The two percent at the top are trying to enslave the remaining 98 percent. It is time for 'people power'. start by actng locally, then going up the chain, till we strike fear into those who think they hold the power. They are stealing our future, much as they have stole our wealth, our savings, our homes, our jobs, our health. Are you ready for the fight?
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The target right now is public employees in Wisconsin, but don't feel that if you don't work as a public service employee you are going to escape this. This is corporatism at it's purest. The corporations want to remove benefits and bargaining rights from all workers. They don't want us to have any tools to challenging the corporations. We are quickly moving towards a fascist state, where the military/industrial/financial complrx owns everything, including your rights. This is a brief look at what life will be like between now and 2012. In 2012 we have another chance to fight back, but in the meantime the corporate whores will work hard to place roadblocks in our way.  The class war is on...

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