If the Republicans and Democrats were serious about the deficit there would be easy solutions to the problem, but to borrow a line from Dick Cheney 'deficits don't matter'. They are but one more weapon the Republicans and some DINO members of Congress use to club social programs to death. If we really wanted to solve the deficit, we could easily cut subsidies to oil and other industry and end the wars (another program of subsidies to the weapons industry)  So, the next time you hear of cuts to social programs, think of how many dollars of your taxes go to Exxon, Mobil, and others. How many tax dollars go to Boeing,, Ratheyon Lockheed-Martin for weapons. No, we have class warfare, and it will continue until the people wake up, especially the youth  who have no future, thanks to the Republicans and their corporate cronies. As people we have failed our children and grandchildren, we have let our government destroy the American Dream, and now we face the American Nightmare, no jobs, no safety net, and increased poverty and disease.  This is why you see the youth in Europe in the streets burning the symbols of the system that has robbed them of a future.  May someday these fires burn whatever the Republicans hold dear... Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems the 2012 election season will be full of wingnuts on parade, so I'm just thinking, we need to create a group that dogs these wingnuts every where they are, in their homes, in their workplace, where ever they go... call out the people who are proclaimed leaders of these movements and let their neighbors, co-workers, etc. know them for what they are. I just read about an incident in Roseburg Oregon where a Move On group was bullied out of a public park by a group of teabaggers (I love calling them that). Through a small amount of research (reading the comments and replies to the news article) I was able to discover where they meet, some of the key players email addresses, etc.  It wouldn't take much to turn the tables. Don't give me any of this 'be civil' talk, because these people (wingnuts) aren't going to be polite. An aside is if you start a website and use Google Adsense you might just make some money as they visit your site and click through...
I'm not saying that I'm going to do this... but if it happens, it has my support. 

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The day

Mar. 15th, 2011 01:34 pm
Sitting in McDonalds using their slow wifi... There is a demonstration tonight in Palm Desert against the republican tyranny... Doing a lot of thinking... I have too much on my plate right now, but thinking about my life and how fragile our lives are, how we are but on misstep away from disaster. These are hard times, the don't want to use the word Depression, but that is what it is. It is clear that the path of the Republican Party is a path toward fascism... They are opportunists, and they have channeled the rage against Washington to gain public office, and even though they did not win a mandate, they are feeling that they have to turn the clock back to the 20's or earlier.. They seem to worship tin gods, and believe in fables, willing to ignore facts and science, all with the aim to seize power and hold it without allowing a challenge to their rule. As I see it, we are about where Germany was as Hitler took power... And some of the parallels are scary. Time to wake up America, the Republicans want to be the next Nazi government on this planet. Just think... Heil Furher Boehner!

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Mar. 9th, 2011 06:52 pm
Tonight the Wisconsin Senate declared war on the working class... their true motives were on display, as they separated out their anti-union issues and passed an anti-union bill after a very short meeting and a quick vote.. so they want war? They will get it... Republicans can no longer pretend to be for democracy and for America... they are nothing but corporate whores...

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London today was the first battle, as the working class of Britain was priced out of an education by a three fold increase in tuition. Students had been demonstrating prior to the vote and when the result was annouced the crowds went ballistic. This was a preview of where we are going, and as we see the priorities of Washington change, making life better for the rich seems to be the result, while the working class get a few crumbs to appease just enough to keep the revolt in check. This latest 'compromise' will be passed, no doubt about it, as Obama gets more Republican votes than from members of his own party.  The next two years will be telling. Will class warfare erupt here? Already the government is exhibiting signs that show a move to oppression, with the activities of Homeland Security to close web sites and the State Department and Justice Department flexing their muscles to stop the disclosure of cables giving evidence of wrongdoing by our government and government contractors. One blog described the internet in scary terms, but I have to admit the words rang true. They described the internet as a corporate network that tolerates public speech. I'm afraid as time passes, we may find that tolerance very limited.

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There is a class war just a few months away... and I'll be preparing to topple any of the aristocratic class I may find in reach. This article is a warning to those oligarchs that the people are going to take back what is theirs and it isn't going to be pretty.

Sometimes war has a purpose, and I can get behind this one.

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