This article displays the roots and reasons why we praise ignorance while disdaining intelligence. It has been around for centuries, and now has reared its ugly head again. We must resist this urge to lower ourselves to the level of these cretins and defend intelligence, science, and reason. Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems that Sarah Pimple-on-the-ass gave a history lesson in Boston while touring the Freedom Trail... and it was not pretty. And to think she was once a candidate for vice president... if people are so dumb to think of her as a viable candidate, then we need improvements to our mental health system to institutionalize these people... they should not be allowed to vote, drive cars, or procreate.
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Robert Reich tells it all.... and after you read his article you can clearly see the plan. Republicans hate anyone who isn't a corporation or from Wall Street.  The dumb electorate has doomed the republic and while they expresed their displeasure with what they saw as Obama's program, what they really voted for was their racist tendency not to accept that a black man might be smarter than your average white. Now they will pay the price and we can look forward to years of struggles and street fights to win back the power of the people. Their prejudice will kill the American Dream... although the American Dream is really a nightmare cooked up by capitalists who base their world on creating wealth without labor.
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Seems pedestrian deaths are increasing and there are a lot of real reasons that this may be happening,,, but talk radio has another theory... and tell me that their conclusion is without bias...
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There is a mental illness that infects those in government. It is demonstrated by the lengths they will go to to keep other government personnel from reading the leaked diplomatic cables that were disclosed by Wikileaks. This article show the thinking of the Air Force.  I find it absurd that these cables have become so scary to those in power that they will go to such lengths to block access.
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This article expresses my sentiments exactly... and in particular I love the protest where people re-shelved Bush's book into other areas of a local Barnes and Noble bookstore.

This man is evil personified.... and maybe in the future some patriot will make the article title come true.

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What is happening here is the slow death of democracy. We have a basically ignorant voters who only want to be heard, we have a government that is run by a bunch of fools who are only in it for themselves. Combine the two with the best twisted minds of corporate culture who are spending copious amounts of money through anonymous advertisements to make the ignorant voter parrot their corporate credo as the way forward, and we have disaster. November 2nd we have a choice. Do we sell ourselves short and vote out of fear,anger, and lies or do we vote based on what is best for all of us, the workers who create and/or serve the greater good? We have been bombarded with lies so often that many have fallen into trap that we now think these lies are the truth. George Orwell would be appalled at what we are seeing today, as he warned us many times in his writings of 'big brother' and his mythical society of 1984. Well, his fiction has become reality, and November 2nd will determine the next chapter.

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It seems that Democrats want to be Republicans. Hillary and her minions have started attacking anyone with intelligence as 'elite', as if she isn't a college grad and Bill is not a Rhodes Scholar.  Hypocrites all the way. 

If the electorate of this country is so dumb that they can be bought for promises of a 'gas tax holiday' we are in trouble. Maybe they need to unload their gun racks from their pickup trucks and check their tire pressure. If they carried less shit and kept their tires properly inflated they would find their gas mileage improves. But, alas, we have 'hicks' in the hills of North Carolina and Indiana who are just dumb enough to vote for  such trash. 

If I've offended any hicks, I don't apologize. If you feel 'bitter' because you don't understand basic economics, don't blame the teacher, blame yourself.  You are being used, you are being scammed,  and if you fall for this political bullshit, you are dumb.

I'm a gun owner (I have a few), I've owned many pickup trucks, and I was born in the 'sticks', but I am not as dumb as to fall for this political bullshit, so don't some ranting at me. .



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