A Stockton man got a very rude wake up call, as a swat team broke down his front door... what was the reason... his estranged wife had defaulted on her student loans! So, now the feds are out collecting, and they bring the swat team with them, so if you have student loans, watch your back, the feds are making it a crime that could land you in jail, or maybe dead if you unfortunately get a cop who is a bit trigger happy or just doesn't like the color of your skin. Watch the video report on this.... We are now living in a fascist state...

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The article published by Truthout give a good picture of the battle to keep corporatism in check since the start of this country. Read it, and see how much is still happening today.
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we face a scary future if we don't start fighting this monster now... Read the following article and join the fight, as the future is hanging in the balance.


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I just read this article on a fellow bloggers post ... and wanting to see wider distribution, I'm also posting my comment and a link here. We are in crisis, and I'm not talking about the deficit. I'm talking about a Congress that doesn't serve the people and is hellbent on destroying the country so they can fashion their own little fascist state, where working people are but serfs to the oligarchs. Class warfare is being waged on working people, on the elderly, on the youth of this country, on those who are less fortunate. The two percent at the top are trying to enslave the remaining 98 percent. It is time for 'people power'. start by actng locally, then going up the chain, till we strike fear into those who think they hold the power. They are stealing our future, much as they have stole our wealth, our savings, our homes, our jobs, our health. Are you ready for the fight?
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The article clearly demonstrates how the corporations now control the regulators, thus government by corporation, not the people. We are screwed and don't even know it.

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Soon we will be watched 24/7/365 by big brother high in the sky. The Department of Fatherland Insecurity has decided to spy on the Citizens of the United States with satellites, the latest technology and other airborne platforms. Remember the suspect robotc dragonflies in New York?  Knowing what I know about the capabilities I was aware of when I served, we should all make signs for our backyard telling Michael Chert off and the Bush/Cheney/McCain cabal how we feel. It will be good for them to see where their 'enemies' live. It will save money when the Brown shirts make house calls. Hey, it will be better than email, as it will give us a direct path to the 'intelligence' realm.  Don't worry about how large your message has to be, they should be able to easily resolve objects one foot in size, maybe smaller. Sorry, they won't be able to discern you flipping them the bird, but they will be able to hear you scream.



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