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Oct. 31st, 2011 08:58 am
Maybe those in power need to listen more... 

'A riot is the language of the unheard.' 

~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., U.S. clergyman & activist (1929-1968)

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In his article he pulls no punches. I too am upset when I see the typicsl MoveOn banner visible at an occupation. They are but one more 'liberal' front that just tries to make the people feel good while they swallow a bitter pill. Either of the parties can say anything that will sway this movement. Obama holds little credibility with the movement. Republicans are considered the enemy, and so are their corporate masters.  We the people need to remember the path of Martin Luther King. He was betrayed, the system fought him, but he kept the faith, kept the fight, and won some big victories. But power did not quit either, ultimately taking his life. That was the price he paid for the gains he made.  There will be some who pay that price, the struggle isn't going to be easy, or quick. As some are quick to say Freedom isn't free. Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems there are some who think they need to know what you do online. The same people who rail about big government want to have government become big brother and track you online, every website, every email, every transaction, and they want to give law enforcement access, without a warrant.  Watch the video and speak out against this bill. This creates a hacker's treasure chest, a chunk of data that could be hacked and used to create new identity, It can also be used to hunt down those who might in the future be opposed to government policies. It is 1984 Orwellian overkill. Posted on Dreamwidth
and it is relevant today.... watch this cartoon and think.
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Seems we have more than one army, there is the 'all volunteer force' and then there are those private armies who do the dirty work for us.  They work for the CIA, the State Department, and for the Pentagon and do the deeds such as renditions, summary executions, and other nefarious duties. They are the biggest threat to our freedom and most likely who will be called on if and when the citizens wake up and rise up against tyranny. They will suddenly appear and have no qualms at killing people exercising their First Amendment Rights.  Worry about them, they are real and the thereat is real.
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It seems the 'free press' does not exist in the eyes of law enforcement. The independent media in Denver and St. Paul discovered that while doing their best to cover the conventions they were arrested for covering what the political parties and the host cities did not want seen. It seems the exercise of your constitutional rights is no longer allowed. It was suggested to one media group that they could be embedded and not risk arrest. Now that sounds like managing news, not allowing it to be reported. Say farewell to free speech, the right to assemble to protest, or the rights of a free press.

We now live in a police state.



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