In Britain we have a general strike, over 2 million workers waled off ther jobs today sending a message that class warfare by the rich is not going to go unanswered. Of course the government started blaming the unions and their 'gold plated pensions', a bunch of bullshit we hear here as the conservatives and their rich wealthy buddies keep bashing public sector workers.  I really think we need a nationwide general strke in this country, bring the whole country to a stop for two days or more. Then if the government i paying attention, they will start acting like they represent the people, not the rich. If a general strike comes, I will pick up a sign and join the others in the streets. For now I can only say I will not feel sorry for those who suffer some inconvenience from such a strike. Maybe they will wake up and realize that democracy is something you participate in, not just watch on TV. Posted on Dreamwidth
This is a must read as we enter the era of class warfare.... nothing frustrates a tyrannical government more...
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This is another view... we must get the ball rolling...Washington and the Republicans have to be sent a message....
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The unions have their hands tied on this issue by the Taft-Hartley act... but other organizations are not. After what Scott Walker and his henchmen have done in Wisconsin, there is a need for a strong national response to let those in Washington see we are angry. This article does start the discussion, and raises the question... will Washington and the Democrats stand in the way?
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The war....

Mar. 4th, 2011 01:54 am
the war on the working class is at a critical point...if we don't fight now, we all will suffer...a lot...for a long time...till we throw off the tyranny of the corporate oligarchs.

...this battle is on!

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Mar. 4th, 2011 01:44 am
...a general strike would be illegal under federal law...but the time has come to give it serious watch what happens next...

There has been some for some action. It would get the attention of those who think they can bully the American worker..

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This article explains it all....and if you don't know, it is time you were educated.  I guess it is time for picket lines, strikes, etc. Time to start fighting fire with fire. I think we need a general strike nationwide sometime soon... a time for all workers to send the message to Washington and all the governors across this country that workers deserve respect as it is us, not the rich that make this country work.
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