Part of the Bush legacy was having shoes thrown at him in Baghdad... here is the story from the trial of the alledged attacker... my hero!

too many...

May. 3rd, 2008 11:15 pm
The City of Hemet lost another son in Iraq. A City of 70,000 has lost nine men to this war, too many, far too many. One death was too many but  to this date 4070 have died, and for every loss, there are many more left behind.

My most relevant post about 9/11 occurred a few days after I had digested the tragedy...

to 9/11

Sep. 11th, 2007 06:41 am

We are now looking back to the time when we were all united in tragedy, the feeling of being one family, of being one people, united against this evil that broke upon a sunny morning in New York. I remember watching the TV in disbelief, then finally leaving the apartment and driving to the office. We did little that day but grieve for the fallen. We felt American. 

The world was sad, and an outpouring of hope and love came across the seas to our shores. All the world felt our pain. It was an odd feeling, a feeling of peace, of love, not hate. Sure, some held feelings of revenge, but overall the feeling was love.

Where did all that go? Where was it squandered? All of a sudden we found it wrapped in a flag and turned into a monster that fed itself on self righteousness. We became the terrorists.

We bombed Afghanistan, killing many who had nothing to do with the attack. We lashed out at Iraq, a country with ho connection to 9/11. We became the same terrorist that we had been victims of. We became the terrorist of the world. Now the love has been replaced with hate. 

Bin Laden rejoices in victory. He accomplished what he could only dream of. We became the Great Satan he envisioned.



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