The time has come for a two state solution, for a Palestine to again appear on the map of the world and an end to the tyranny and repression of Israel. The United States, being a nation with the largest percentage of people of the Jewish faith outside of Israel has always favored Israel, even in times when Israel has committed numerous violations of human rights accords and international law. It is time for the United States to accept the facts that Israel stole the land they occupy from the Palestinian people and lift the yoke of slavery and bondage imposed by Isreal from their people.  Posted on Dreamwidth
So be it... we cannot wait for Israel to return to the table and negotiate in good faith.. They have demonstrated time and again that they are not willing to respect human rights and are committing genocide in Gaza. Free Palestine!

To my Jewish friends... I just cannot support the Zionist government of Netanyahu

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... cut any military aid to Israel...

... Why are we willing to let people freeze to death so Israel can have more weapons to commit human right violations and kill Palestinians?

Read this...

...and tell me which is the choice that is best for the average American.

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It seems that the pictures I saw and the accounts I read of civilian casualties in Gaza must have been a myth. The videos must have been made by masters of special effects. The destroyed houses just must have fallen victim to poor construction or been Hamas string holds. Now the Israeli Army is defending its actions saying its soldiers acted honorably... shooting ambulance drivers, destroying homes and crops, using white phosphorus bombs and artillery shells, killing women and children.... I just don't buy it.

I just know what I read in this blog, reported by people in the field during the conflict. 

The Israeli propaganda machine is rolling....this site has the software they use to keep track of anything said about Israel and to organize comments supporting Israel... It is very pro-Zionist...

I guess I'll use their software to monitor their comments and add my own...
Reading of the 'cease fire' and the numbers of Palestinians killed since its declaration. Seems not only dos Israel ignore United Nations Resolutions, they tend to bomb and destroy United Nations facilities. So much for respect for the United Nations Charter. Oh well, what do you expect. You can always use the excuse of 'returning fire'. Now watch as Israel does not open the border crossings or allow sufficient relief supplies.
There is one syndicated feed  [ profile] ingaza  that I've been reading, a sort of first hand account of life as the writer tags along with the emergency response personnel in Gaza. It's the side of the war not reported by the major networks, TV, or newspapers. Just imagine being called and told you have 7 minutes to leave your house because the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will be bombing it...

There is talk of a cease fire... just talk. What about the reports of the use of white phosphorus bombs? What about the use if DIME weapons? There are too many questions and not enough answers... and will the truth ever be revealed?
This was first in [ profile] cathy_edgett  journal and Iwent for a source to link to...

Maybe some of those in power in Israel and the United States should read this...

Read [ profile] moomin13  for a good alternative view of the Gaza conflict... not the propaganda of the media...

This op-ed is a good read.  I think the Israelis have a problem and the only solution is treating their neighbors as neighbors and starting to act like humans, not monsters.



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