Siting in the air conditioning of a McDonald's, free wifi and stuff. Made the trek to Desert Hot Springs, Mom is riding in her urn (secured in the back seat) and now am in Palm Springs. On my way home, still waiting for the death certificates to arrive. So much needs to be done and a certified death certificate is required for some things. Oh well, life goes on.

Saw some stuff to take pictures of, will share later (if my wifi is back up)... got to hit the road and get with it. Too hot down here in the lower desert..

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Just had breakfast, a great spinach/artichoke souffle.. and now will continue on my journey, to gather the last remains of my Mom. I'm in Palm Desert now, a short walk from El Paseo (Google that).. it is sunny, warm, inviting, and I can see why the rich like it here. Of course, I'm not rich, just a bit of riff raff, stopping for a cup of glorious coffee and a small breakfast.

A few more miles, then back home. Got things to do and places to go.M

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Today slept in, but considering I crawled in at 430 am that's okay. What was I doing? Don't ask.

Went to REI to pick up an item I ordered and it wasn't there even though someone from the store sent me an email... Pissed.

Picked a small handful of wild blackberries about an hour ago. Thought they didn't grow wild in SoCal? Ask and I'll tell you where.

Thunderboomers all around the horizon. I can hear it but that is all.

Other than that and Mom's acting out, things are okay here.

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I'll be going to Riverside today for Mom's post-op visit.

Some times I find it hard to get motivated, the tasks I face are  daunting and being so remote leaves me so few options. I've had my breakfast, am enjoying my first cup of coffee, and being warmed by the sunlight filtering through the sliding glass door.

I do have to make a dump run, maybe a few extra too. It all depends if I can keep Mom away from my work, she has a fit when I throw stuff she sees as valuable. This should change in the next few weeks. I got the papers from the trust lawyer to make the changes and after I send back corrections to the drafts, I should have total control of the trust by summer.  As my Mom's mental faculties are fading, it will be just in time.

I need to finish my Mom's tax filing, make a few online requests from my retirement plan, learn a bit more about photoshop, kill, cut, and destroy the new crop of weeds, move some items in the barn to gain easier access to some other stuff, start emptying a 6' X 10' building of saved junk, and get some of the power equipment working properly.



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