Seems Monsanto doesn't want you to know when their GMO frankenfoods are in a product. They are fighting a law in Vermont by threatening to sue the state of they enact the law requiring food to be labelled if it contains GMO ingredients. Let's see how much Monsanto likes being in the spotlight.

Here is an article you can share...

Be sure you share as wide as you can, we need to see this information everywhere.

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This interview with a scientist give a true picture of how lethal to any living organism That chemical is glyphosate  This stuff is killing more than just weeds... Posted on Dreamwidth
Yes, Monsanto markets to the home gardener... so be aware of the brands and varieties they own. It is bad enough to have to watch for GMO stuff, but they also have created a whole bunch of 'hybrid'' plants and are making those available to home gardeners. Be aware, and don't give any support to Monsanto. Posted on Dreamwidth
We face a problem as he bees we depend on are dying... I found this video through one of the newsletters I read. It provides insight into what may be the main culprit that is killing bees and how the EPA dropped the ball so as not to harm Monsanto's bottom line...

Watch this video.. check out some of the sites he mentions...
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How about cutting the USDA?   Seems they are in love with Monsanto... but I forgot, the corporate whores of the Republican Party are probably on Monsanto's payroll.... Obama also has sold his soul to Monsanto...
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