The more I read about Obama's use of executive orders the more I wonder if his critics on the right may be telling the truth. Read this article about an executive order he will release next week... and tell me, is he really a moral leader or a black George Bush? Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems big oil has decided to take advantage of the sabre rattling over Iran and suck us dry at the pump. I have already seen $4.19 a gallon gas. and that is just the beginning as they will also use their power to blame it on regulation, loss of subsidies, and  use the old excuse they have to compete in a global market.. All that is bullshit, as there is not shortage of oil right now, their profits are at record highs, they need to lose their subsidies. No, remember the next time you hear a Republican say we need to drill more, just imagine you are listening to a talking head who has been bought by the oil companies. BTW, expect to see $5 a gallon by Memorial Day...

While Obama has been somewhat of a disappointment to the progressive community (he seems to find his cajones every time he needs a vote) he is a better Republican than any of the other candidates. No, I didn't mis identify him as Republican, he acts more like a moderate Republican than a Democrat.  He is the lesser of many evils.
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Seem the Obama regime is now refusing to tell the New York Times how they (the government) is interpreting the law. So now you can legally claim ignorance of the law because they won't reveal how the law applies to you... but wait... they will have a secret grand jury indict you... and a secret court will issue the warrant, then a secret trial where you won't see the evidence against you, then a cell in a secret prison where you will be tortured secretly. It's 1984 folks... and we are totally f*cked. Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems Bank of America is on the verge of failure... they have made some bad moves in the past and now with the anger of the new fees, the bank has suffered a loss so large it may bring it down. Will Obama break it up or will we see another bailout? If I see a bailout I see people in the streets, something that will make the Occupy movement look very peaceful...  Posted on Dreamwidth
Obama needs to take on the topic that is getting closer for all of us.. poverty. I haven't seen a pay raise, or a cost of living adjustment for years now and don't see any in the foreseeable future, yet prices continue to rise. If Obama wantss to win he has to acknowledge the poor, the elderly, the unemployed, and give some hope to those without. We need something to hold on to, be it hope or a promise, because in the last few years we have voted but have seen little change in our lives. He has to embrace the progressive cause and capture those votes or he may come up short and I don't want to see Rick Perry and his Legions of God in the White House. Posted on Dreamwidth
... but I wonder if I'm on a list. I have some things in my background that got me an large FBI file and that also included travel restrictions for a few years after I left the military. I had no problems when I last flew in 1998, but times have changed. I would be pissed if this happened.... but considering how our freedoms are eroding, I know that this is more likely to occur today than at any time in the past.  We are moving towards a fascist state, one where citizens are but pawns in a game, and other aspects of live closely resemble life in Orwell's 1984. Oh well, I remember being free, they haven't taken that from me yet... but will they.
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Seems that a man who campaigned on hope and change sure isn't giving much of either nowadays. Hope went out the door when he froze federal workers pay, he caved to the Republicans and made a somewhat cynical move towards the 'center'. Whoever is providing him advice seems to be a Republican, or one pf those DINO (Democrats in name only).

Change is something I fail to see happening, he has taken on the character of a defeated man, and I don't expect change coming from the White House. It is as if he has been castrated by the Republicans as he exhibits no fight, no shining light like  we saw during the campaign.

No, this opinion piece says it all...

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We face the future, we look back at the past. It is such a time that we have never faced in our lifetimes. We have choices to make, we have a vote to make, a vote that can mark the change, not only in the political landscape, but in the social fabric of this country. Our very survival depends on the outcome of this election.

We can go forward into the light, or fall into the abyss of hate and fear. The choice is yours. I choose to follow the light, I've done it before and the feeling of hope, love, and forgiveness was overwhelming. I was told once by a power much greater than myself that I had to return to this life because my mission was not done. I did not know at that time what that meant. I do now. We must save ourselves from evil, we must embrace change, we must hope for all hope.

I have nothing to gain from this other than seeing a better world. Vote hope... Vote change.... Vote Obama.
It seems that McBush (McCain) selected the new 'Dick Cheney'. Her name is Palin and she brings to the post of VP a wealth of experience of being a hockey mom and mayor of a small (by most standards) city in Alaska. She has a wealth of experience in PTA and denying that Polar Bears are endangered.

I hope that Obama/Biden gives her a warm welcome and I can't wait to see the debate with Biden.

Remember, with the old fart McCain in office she would be a heart beat (or maybe the lack of a heart beat) away from running the country.  That should make you sleep soundly at night.
Time for change.... time for real change. We cannot afford 4 more years of Republicans.

Obama/Biden 08
Barack Obama has taken a stand on the death penalty I cannot support. The Supreme Court said it was cruel and unusual punishment, and overturned such laws, then Barack decides he wants to be more Republican and opposes what the Supreme Court did. I do not support the death penalty in any case, its barbaric. Is he trying to be a clone of McCain?
 Another day and Barack Obama is slowly chipping away at his base, alienating another member every second with his shift to being a Republican centerist. He now owns the Democratic party, (or at least it seems that way) and is slowly destroying any progressive tendencies of the party. 

No, I'm not ready to vote for McBush, but if he (Barack Obama) becomes to centerist (a.k.a. Republican) I might as well be voting for McCain, at least I know where he's coming from. Obama has betrayed those folks who got him the nomination. No more funds from me.
It seems that I get a new surprise from Obama each day. First he now tends to move to the center politically, he courts the evangelicals, and now is supporting faith-based initiatives in social services with the rumor being that these faith-based groups would also be allowed to hire and fire based on their religious tenets. 

He's changing before our eyes and sometimes I wonder if change is good. Listen up Barak, are you going to be the leader we heard during the primary or have you sold your soul to the establishment?
 Is being bitter wrong.... I don't think so... and neither does this writer....



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