In Prince Rupert they are going through the process of having a pipeline rammed down their throats by the same people who are trying to get Keystone XL built. One of the people testifying at the hearings was a son of an oil executive. He had gained some insight into the oil industry because his father wanted him to understand what it was all about and having connections he sent his son to spend a month learning about refining. His testimony is profound, his insight is a joy to read. He sees it, he felt it, he speaks with conviction. It is worth a read. He demonstrates the disconnect between those on the ground and those who lead, be they a CEO or a Prime Minister. Posted on Dreamwidth
So the bogeyman is Iran... read this and think greed... and a real reason we need change.  BTW, the Persians are not dumb and they have one of most sophisticated drones to reverse engineer.... don't believe the propaganda you hear from our government. Now there are rumors that a cyber attack a few month back could have compromised these drones and allowed others to gain control... oh, the rumors and propaganda will keep flying as the new world order tries to silence Iran... Posted on Dreamwidth
If the Republicans and Democrats were serious about the deficit there would be easy solutions to the problem, but to borrow a line from Dick Cheney 'deficits don't matter'. They are but one more weapon the Republicans and some DINO members of Congress use to club social programs to death. If we really wanted to solve the deficit, we could easily cut subsidies to oil and other industry and end the wars (another program of subsidies to the weapons industry)  So, the next time you hear of cuts to social programs, think of how many dollars of your taxes go to Exxon, Mobil, and others. How many tax dollars go to Boeing,, Ratheyon Lockheed-Martin for weapons. No, we have class warfare, and it will continue until the people wake up, especially the youth  who have no future, thanks to the Republicans and their corporate cronies. As people we have failed our children and grandchildren, we have let our government destroy the American Dream, and now we face the American Nightmare, no jobs, no safety net, and increased poverty and disease.  This is why you see the youth in Europe in the streets burning the symbols of the system that has robbed them of a future.  May someday these fires burn whatever the Republicans hold dear... Posted on Dreamwidth

Last oil change was more costly, wonder what it will cost tonight?



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