Here is something that is disturbing... welcome to the police states of amerika..

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After watching the video by Naiomi Klien, I'm curious about the codes on airline tickets that tag you as bring on the 'watch list' and subject you to additional harassment at the TSA checkpoints. Evidently the code is SSSS printed on the lower right hand corner of the pass. I'm almost tempted to take a flight just to check my status. It was said in the video that if you are a 'critic' of the security state you are thus branded. Sort of like acing '666' tattooed on your forehead. Either way, just one more way the police state tracks its enemies.  I'd like to be able to confirm if this is fact or the figment of a paranoid mind.

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As I read this article I'm geting educated on how the United States Government will do whatever it takes to keep its war machine subjugating people all over the planet so we can steal natural resources for the military/industrial complex.  The rules of law mean nothing when those in power feel threatened. They will ignore legal rules, and use whatever means to get to you.  At one time in my life we were taught that those Communists were bad, now I realize that we were lied to, and the real evil wears the red, white, and blue. Posted on Dreamwidth

Yes, they are having joint military-police exercises in downtown Los Angeles... With the recent signing of NDAA and indefinite detention being on the table, they are practicing the tactics to fight the citizens who object to their totalitarian rules...

When is the revolution?

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Jan. 27th, 2012 12:17 pm
Seems the Oakland Police Department has a new tactic to use to try to end the occupation. They are selectively arresting people, holding them for the maximum time in jail and at the highest bail allowed, then not filing charges and releasing them, 'pending further investigation'.  This leaves the victim of this miscarriage of justice in legal limbo, not knowing when he will be re-arrested or allowing him to go free but with a restraining order preventing him from being within 300 yards of Frank Ogawa Plaza. The restraining order also makes it impossible to appeal the arrest or to speak to the police commission without violating the same order.

Read this article and join the fight to stop this abuse of police power.
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 Here are a few words on the development of our current police state... and some more...  We live in a police state. When I was stationed in Berlin, Berlin was still considered an occupied city, and not part of Germany. It was divided into 4 sectors. American British, French and Russian. Berlin was not allowed to have an army, but it had the most militarized police force in the world at that time. That was 1972, they had tanks and heavy weapons. Now we see this in police departments around the country. Police nowadays don't defuse the situation, they escalate it, knowing they have the weapons to crush any resistance. Welcome to the police state. The motto is not to protect and to serve, but to detain and abuse. Posted on Dreamwidth
The FBI considers you a terrorist of you are an animal rights activist who investigates abuse on factory farms..  Read what the article has to say, it is based on information gained through a FOIA request.  Well, if you are an activist you must be attacking capitalism, thus the 1% considers you a terrorist. Just don't get caught because you may find yourself being detained indefinitely without trial under rules that were put into the NDAA.

Yes, we live in the best police state in the world....
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Just got tipped off to this article... and to think we have a police state and they keep creating weapons to stop protest. Well, I thought 1984 was running a bit late, but they keep moving at a fast pace creating weapons only Orwell could have imagined. Meanwhile  The Egyptian police just use old fashioned brutality. Posted on Dreamwidth
People arrested are asked to take retinal scans and DNA samples... so the police state is taking names for the internment in the near future of those who are speaking ut against the police state... Now to just get a list of these new internment camps....

Also, in Houston he police appeared with a portable inflatable tent to place over those being arrested to keep the process from being visible by  the public or from video. If you use a tent to occupy you are a criminal and the tent is considered contraband, but if you are the police it is a tool to keep the prying eyes of the public from seeing your physical abuse.

BTW, wearing a hoodie is a good way from preventing you from being identified using facial recognition software used by police and DHS.  The shape of your head can be used to identify you and link to previous video or pictures.  The Guy Fawkes mask doesn't make you unidentifiable.
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This article is about a law student in Europe who made a request to Facebook for all the data they had on him. To his surprise he got a CD, with over 1200 pages of data... everything, almost. Read and listen to his story, it may want you to start work towards finding a similar way to change the law to force Facebook to do the same here. Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems you may be considered a terrorist if you have more than 7 days worth of food in storage... this article (from a somewhat radical right wing source) explains recent attempts by the feds to identify those who may be into storing food for a disaster or political upheaval.

Yes, there are things going on that don't fit what should be happening in a free country, and why these things are happening my be because we are now seeing an emerging police state.

Watch Obama sign the NDAA that provides the military the right to detain American citisens without trial or due process... he will sign the bill.. it was he who asked for provisions to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial... just as he assassinated an American citizen with a drone in Yemen... in fact he got two Americans in that strike. Why do you think he had Bin Laden executed? The stories Bin Laden could tell about how our government operates, but we will never know... or is Bin Laden still alive? They say they killed him, but then disposed of the body... no evidence.  

I know some of you are wondering if I've gone nuts... no, just decided that the people need to know. Too many 'citizens' aren't really too well informed, they don't read much except the sports section, they don't watch much more than the sitcoms.  The real sorry folks are those who watch Fox News.. start by listening to DemocracyNow! on your local public radio station... read Truthout, an online news service. Look around, there is a lot going on right under your nose that will impact your life real soon..2012 is just around the corner.

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Every day I see one more police department have all their personal information placed on the web, It seems that the cops haven't got the message, if you mistreat individuals who are protesting non-violently, or cover your name tags, or use pepper spray when it is against policy, the whole world will know who you are, where you live, where you bank, what you make, your phone number, etc.

While it may seem drastic to do this, I feel that if you commit criminal acts the public needs to know who the criminals are.

Then we have LAPD... a yputh group in south LA was doing a cleanup of the old Hyde Park library when LAPD came in all gangbusters... seems they are thinking that every group of youth are part of the occupy movement, and after a few tense moments they (LAPD) retreated, after they had made threats of arrest and $5000 bail...seems that LAPD needs to chill... since when has protest become such a crime that you assign gang units and terrorism units to break up demonstrations?

This is what 'our' police state looks like...2012 is going to be fun.

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Seems the British police have decided that occupying a place is a terrorist act, now comes the real repression followed by the real revolution. If you zoom in on the letter, be sure to read the entry under domestic terrorism....they are also very concerned that people are filming them and categorize it as hostile surveillance...

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This article explains it.   it seems to be press in new york you are supposed to have a press pass, but if you are covering a story that NYPD doesn't want you to see, they refuse to give you a press pass. Sounds like a police state to me. Posted on Dreamwidth
Evidence is slowly emerging that the crackdowns on the occupy encampments and movement have been a co-ordinated effort on the part of the Justice Department under Holder.  Here is one article, you'll see more to follow in the coming days. Yes, we live in a police state, and anyone critical of the current plutocacy is a criminal.  The media (while they aren't worth much anyway) are to be excluded and arrested, as the truth cannot be told.

I can see a total lockdown by the time of the Democrat and Republican conventions.  Then they will have a sham election and the plutocrats choice will win. 
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What  I saw and heard and witnessed on live feeds made me more determined to see this non-violent revolution through to the end. What we are facing is a system that will fight to keep power and they don't care how many they have to kill, injure or maim to keep that power. However, there is a limit to how long they can hold power because the jails and prisons are already crowded and when the cops are outnumbered 10 to 1 they may decide it isn't worth it. I know that general strikes are illegal under federal law, but I feel it will happen. I see Bank of America under a lot of stress and they will be seeking another bailout soon. As I write this people are still on the streets of Oakland, tensions are stil high. There is a recall started against Mayor Quan... ground zero is now Oakland, just as Chicago was in 1968. I post more later but you can read some of what I have to say on my Google + account if your are in my circles.

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Seems the feds now say if you use marijuana, you cannot be sold or possess a firearm. Hey, its okay to sell firearms to the drug cartels, but not to users. Can't have those hippies have a gun, they might want to start a revolution. Posted on Dreamwidth



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