Today in one of the right wing newsletters I get was an offer for a free email account, not just any account but an account from Yes, you too can have an email address that is not hotmail, not gmail, but  What a better way to harass Republicans than a Ronaldreagan email address. Posted on Dreamwidth
Demonstrating against more cuts, we need more jobs.... &hemet5 ; Posted on Dreamwidth
Survived the heat ( it was about 100 degrees) and had about 13 more people at the demonstration this time. Seems that the staff in Mary Bono Mack's office had the door locked, for security reasons ( because we were there?), but overall they were courteous. I'll be posting some pictures later. Right now, I'm sitting in a nice coffee house in Idyllwild. Posted on Dreamwidth
 The Republicans and their corporate masters will let nothing get on the way when it somes to stealing elections... here is the latest dirty trick... and they say the fire at the Democratic/Progressive offices of We Are Wisconsin wasn't arson? Welcome to the new world where Republicans will do ANYTHING to keep power. Be vigilant, be aware, and make sure your registration to vote is current.  Posted on Dreamwidth
The 'would be' candidates are all saying they want to be president. We have Newt, the adulterer, with his distorted views of history and his fundamentalist bent, who like to attack everyone for their moral slips, but fails to recognize his own failings. Now you have Ron Paul, another whack job (Libertarian) wanting to return the country to the 19th Century. As a father he failed, just look at his son, Rand Paul (I wonder, but have little doubt, that Rand is named after the darling of the Conservatives, Ayn Rand), who seems to have inherited the same twisted political logic, only about three shades more extreme. But consider the worship of Ayn Rand, the God hater, and you find he at least doesn't have a religious agenda to sell.  Then you have Mitt Romney, a man, a Mormon, and one of the few that has done some things in his past that are somewhat progressive, namely creating the Massachusetts Health Plan, that was the model for the Obama Health Plan. But, I forgot, he can't be for universal health care and still be a candidate in the Republican Party. It is going to be onteresting, and I wonder how many civil liberties will be crushed under the boots of the fascist minions during the protests at the upcoming conventions? Both [parties will surely do their best to quell democracy as they pick their anointed one.  Then comes the battle at the ballot box, with schemes by the Republicans to keep people from voting and actions by minor parties to split the liberal, progressive, independent vote. Either way we lose, just figure the Democrats are the lesser of two evils.

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Examples of the idiots on the right...

There comments border on hate speech... their proposals border on treason.  Maybe we should treat the Republican Party like they treated the Communists during the McCarthy ear.

 Is being bitter wrong.... I don't think so... and neither does this writer....
Looks like the cops got their way and Sarah Jan Olson is back in prison. It is a wonder that the state now says that there was a 'clerical error' and ordered her re-arrest. Smells very political to me. 

I do say that this is a case of politics... no doubt. If it is a clerical error as alleged, then how many other clerical errors have they made?  Are the members of the parole board going to resign for their incompetence? 

As the rule of law has left the halls of our current government, and despots occupy the halls of power, the time has come to ask the question if we need a new Magna Carta. This article is a good read.




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