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As 2012 approaches we can look forward to a year of clowns that think they are presidential material telling us how we ought to live...meanwhile the whole world looks at this and wonders what to hell went wrong with us... is it something in the water?

As for the American Dream... that myth has been busted. You are never going to get there.. the rich don't want you as a neighbor, they need you as a  slave. Labor is part of corporatism. This article is an eye opener. Middle class? No we need common good, and community. We need compassion and humanity.

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It appears that HBGary, the disgraced security firm had some nefarious plans of using social media to control the story or discredit critics of the government, and now there is some proof that our government is soliciting such technology. Do I see a cyberwar on dissent in this country?

You can read the post on Daily Kos and the supporting documents... thank you Anonymous...

The time for revolution grows near.

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Most of the comments I read seem to be people who because they didn't have an education or didn't have skills have found themselves in a low paying, dead end job with no retirement, so they have nothing better to do but berate unions based on lies and half truths they get from Faux news or from something the Kochs have cooked up.

What we need in these trying times is more unions to stand up to the management style that is typical of most businesses today. Employers threaten employees with plant closings, moving jobs offshore, or eliminating jobs when they can't get their own way, while at the same time giving obscene salaries to their management and giving stockholders huge dividends.

What these oligarchs haven't grasped is that by killing the middle class they will have less consumers buying their product and when that happens the whole capitalist bubble will burst. They may make gains in the short term, but when they don't make profits, their stock tumbles and we'll have a revolution on our hands.

If I live that long (it isn't going to happen for a while because not enough people are hurting) I want to be on the front lines as we bash down their gates and torch their palaces built with greed.  Then and only then can we declare a people's democracy and watch capitalism die the death it deserves.

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This article explains the conservative view of life.... and morals. It gives a  clear picture of what we will experience of conservative views triumph. It is an eye opening look at why the battle in Wisconsin is the first battle of the revolution and the battle for our future.
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The middle class is history.... and we now face a bleak future as the burden of the crisis that was brought on by the greed of the wealthy is paid for by the middle and the less fortunate. The transfer of wealth and power is almost complete. This article looks at the pain that we in California will feel and how the future looks bleak and forlorn for our children. Society has evolved into an oligarchy, with those with the wealth and power not making any meaningful contribution to the common good, leaving that burden to those they would consider common, the workers, and the others who for some reason, be it poor health, or circumstance, reside in the lower ranks. Much as the French peasants stormed the Bastille, a time will come when these people who have little regard for their fellow man will answer to the angry mobs, and may God have mercy on their souls. I hope to be alive when the revolution starts, and look forward to their judgment day.
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The Republicans are going to 'gut or shut' the United States down.... time for us to get ready for the biggest social upheaval in history.  This could be the key point to the changes we need. I don't think many people are going to watch the economy go to hell. 
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The government has grown suspicious of the people.... worried that we might be up to something.... like plotting to take power from those criminals who call themselves politicians. Someday they will find out what outrage and wrath of the people really is like and it won't be pretty.
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Think of this on November 4th, and be ready on November 5th. The Republicans are spouting hate filled rhetoric, and this will be the same stuff you'll hear used as an excuse for their coup. They will claim they are protecting us from socialism, from a black-liberation agenda, they will claim that teachers are subversive, that professors are teaching the young socialist ideas, that they alone can protect the working class, the Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber from the government.

We are at a point in history where the change we seek will be seen by some as a revolution, and we, as supporters of this revolution are subversive to Real America. Be ready.



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