Here is a link to a complete list of companies and organizations that support SOPA... don't know what SOPA is? Get your head out of that dark smelly place it has been stuck in and do some reading...  Posted on Dreamwidth
Okay, we got SOPA and PIPA shelved for the moment, but something sinister just came to light. There is another document that pawned both SOPA and PIPA and the same nefarious corporate interests are behind it.  Start looking at ACTA..Google it....start reading..  another case of the copyright holders and the other corporations that have patented seeds and drugs have joined forces to make it a criminal act to do much of anything that would be seen as free expression or creative thought and design. In other words, they want to own the whole world and we are slaves to their system. It is like SOPA on steroids. Of course this has been flying under the radar because it has been kept 'secret'... however, another case where Wikileaks has uncovered a few things that have brought it into the light. No, it seems the only way we will ever have our freedom is to destroy all that corporate America has created, including the government, and start all over again. Revolution? Posted on Dreamwidth
 See Ya! Gotta call my Congressperson and Senators in protest.

Posted on Dreamwidth
Yes, our lovely Congress is considering just that.. it is really a move by the media giants to take over by getting Congress to give them power to censor and shut down websites they accuse of 'infringing'.... but this war isn't over folks... now some big guns are ready to use the 'nuclear option' ... watch for it.  If you haven't heard about these bills and what they could do to the nternet you know and love... use Google and read all about a citizen, be informed, vote. Posted on Dreamwidth
The bill allowing for indefinite detention by the military will be signed and there is a hidden item allowing the Department of Defense to wage cyberwar at the direction of the President against any and all

So we have NDAA, then SOPA, combined with PROTECTIP and next we have a government shutdown on Friday.... Time for the citizens to take over, this Congress is treasonous... Posted on Dreamwidth



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