This article displays the roots and reasons why we praise ignorance while disdaining intelligence. It has been around for centuries, and now has reared its ugly head again. We must resist this urge to lower ourselves to the level of these cretins and defend intelligence, science, and reason. Posted on Dreamwidth
We are at a point in this country where we have to decide... are we going to let the Nazis (Tea Party Patriots) decide our fate, or let the corporatists (Republicans) run the show or do we stand up and fight? Either way we are fighting ignorance, bigotry, and people who let their dogma rule their actions.  They are both sociopaths, and/or narcissistic people who have no moral values.

And, BTW, there are some in the Democratic Party who also fall in this category.

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Most of the comments I read seem to be people who because they didn't have an education or didn't have skills have found themselves in a low paying, dead end job with no retirement, so they have nothing better to do but berate unions based on lies and half truths they get from Faux news or from something the Kochs have cooked up.

What we need in these trying times is more unions to stand up to the management style that is typical of most businesses today. Employers threaten employees with plant closings, moving jobs offshore, or eliminating jobs when they can't get their own way, while at the same time giving obscene salaries to their management and giving stockholders huge dividends.

What these oligarchs haven't grasped is that by killing the middle class they will have less consumers buying their product and when that happens the whole capitalist bubble will burst. They may make gains in the short term, but when they don't make profits, their stock tumbles and we'll have a revolution on our hands.

If I live that long (it isn't going to happen for a while because not enough people are hurting) I want to be on the front lines as we bash down their gates and torch their palaces built with greed.  Then and only then can we declare a people's democracy and watch capitalism die the death it deserves.

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Even Republicans fear for their lives in Arizona.... The Tea Party is taking the state apart, and the people will suffer as a result. They used to call California the land of 'fruits and nuts' (yes I know this is very derogatory, but I'm quoting history), but Arizona (with the help of the Tea Party) has decided to take bigotry and racism to new level and create their own model of what a fascist state looks like. 
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When this happens and you take a close look at who is behind it.... something tells me the Koch brothers are as bad if not worse than their father was....
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