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From my vantage point high above....

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It's this weekend folks! Time to check out what is happening locally and maybe even take a train excursion.

Train Day site

Time to get out and discover trains, it is our future.

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I figure they will be working in this area for a while... new rail, new ballast, some tie replacement.

East of Cabezon....

UP heading west through Cabezon...

 Took a trek to Corona, Cajon, Cabazon, and now I'll log off for awhile while we have a thinderstorm.


Jul. 7th, 2008 02:02 pm

I just thought it best that if I'm going to chase trains, I need a book to help identify what I'm looking at, so off to Amazon I went... I'll let you know what the books are like after I get them.

It was turning out to be a very long train...


This was a freight heading east with a lot of grain....


Making the climb to Banning....


While chasing trains..... note the multiple movable point frogs.... a busy line in Banning. BTW... it was over 110 degrees...


the 861 at North Corona Station....5:47 a.m.


This is the cabinet


a hidden gem of a station.  the whole facility is in a man-made canyon through the heart of town.


Something had to happen.... it was Friday the 13th...

I got out of the office late... the bus that takes me to the train station was late so, I arrived at the station to watch my train depart (I got pictures), on schedule....time to kill and I am at a train I took pictures, lots of pictures, of the station (I got pictures), the platform (I got pictures), of Metrolink, (at least two trains), of Amtrak (got both the northbound and southbound Pacific Surfliner), of rails, of people, trees (near the platform), etc... 45 minutes of almost/potential boredom and now almost 700 megs of images. I'll be processing (the RAW) and editing and have a bunch to post when I next find some high speed connection. 



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