Seems that the military has a problem, it has been now revelaed that an Army 'Kill Team" took pictures of their victims and collected 'trophies' of their kills... seems that the United States military has a bigger is another article by the Guardian... is the culture of war that is executed by the video game generation the problem?
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The war goes on... but in America the only people paying attention are those family and friends who suffer the loss.... to stop the war, the war has to be visible... but the curent state of this country and the politics of the media/military/financial complex is to suppress the news. War is good business, the government spends billions on war, a perfect example of the power of the complex. What can we do to break this hold? We need to find a way... I see defense contractors and the people who work for them as nothing more than welfare kings and queens of the war machine.
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This article covers it clearly and completely.  The military and government doesn't want the draft because the anti war movement could easily mobilize when everybody's some has the potential to come home in a box.

The Pentagon learned important lessons in Vietnam.
  • Curtail the press and media by 'embedding', this gives you control of the story. It also helps to cover up war crimes and corruption. 
  • Do away with the draft, then use the dollar to eliminate the shortfall. This has made wars much more expensive, but has transformed the war machine into big business.
  • You can contract for anything.
The new war machine is a poor peoples war, they are the ones dying and returning home missing parts of their bodies or suffering brain damage. The result is a whole generation has become killing machines, brainwashed and.wasted.

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Leaks Provide Ground-Level Account Of Afghan War : NPR

Ah, the truth about the war is revealed... but watch our government just step up the hunt for the whistleblowers rather than face the truth and get to hell out of Afghanistan.
There is one syndicated feed  [ profile] ingaza  that I've been reading, a sort of first hand account of life as the writer tags along with the emergency response personnel in Gaza. It's the side of the war not reported by the major networks, TV, or newspapers. Just imagine being called and told you have 7 minutes to leave your house because the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will be bombing it...

There is talk of a cease fire... just talk. What about the reports of the use of white phosphorus bombs? What about the use if DIME weapons? There are too many questions and not enough answers... and will the truth ever be revealed?
Seems the day has dawned.  Started the fire this morning, it was cold last night. I've made the coffee, I've had my cereal, I'm at the keyboard.  The clouds are still lingering, but the prevailing winds seem to be moving them east. That means the low pressure system that spawned all this weather is moving east.  We are supposed to warm up next week, I'll believe it when I feel it. 

By the way, say a prayer for the soldiers placed in harms way by politicians who never were willing to serve themselves. It's Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, a day to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. While I may not make it to Arlington West, I will remember the many who died. 

Let us not forget those scarred and maimed by the  war. Those who reside in the Veterans Administration facilities and those who just live on the street, the walking wounded, the men who are tormented by what they did, what they saw, and the vision of what war really is. Remember them.  BTW, don't fall for the man with a sign begging along the streets and highways who says he is a vet. The best you can do for him is direct him to the nearest veterans facility, don't give him money to support his habit, be it alcohol or drugs.
For those with a strong stomach there are some recently discovered photos of the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima.

There is no excuse for nuclear war.



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