Democracy is in peril... just look at what is happening in Wisconsin... read and take a closer look at what your state is doing... Wisconsin is an exaple of the way the Republicans take over government and after gaining power, working hard to keep it... using all means at their disposal...democracy be damned.
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These days are becoming trying times. As I observe life from my little corner of the world, I see a long road ahead, but this road is not a scenic drive, but a trip through a dystopian landscape of destroyed dreams and despotic rulers, not a place I'd wish on any human that values self worth.

I was in Hemet, on personal business when I took a look around. Not a pretty sight, a town that has become like many small towns, dying as business community slowly fades, and the character of the town goes from a haven for old people into a place for people to find a cheap place to stay. I see more homeless, I see foreclosures, I see what appears to be hookers walking the sidewalks of Florida Avenue...

The nearby town of San Jacinto preceded the City of Bell into the morass of corruption when the DA indicted most of the city council for taking kickbacks and bribes.. Hemet suffered when the police came under attack by some gang members who took shots at the police station, and torched city vehicles. They even went so far as to plant bombs and booby trap gates, all to kill the cops who were interfering with their criminal enterprise.

Those things are now part of history, but the incidents live in the memory of those living in the area. The place suffered when WalMart came to town, then in a fit of corporate arrogance, left to county territory because they could not get there way with the local city government. WalMart has left many small businesses shuttered, and is now assaulting the city on two fronts with Supercenters in two adjacent areas, bleeding the city dry.

No, life in a small town is not pretty in this economy.

In Anza the picture is of rural California... Our problems differ but e result is more of the same. Agribusiness is a big player, but does not employ the locals, preferring to bring in labor or employ those who have questionable immigration status. People have walked away from many homes, having no work, and facing the fact that to live they must move. There are so many foreclosures and properties for auction that I would be hard pressed to find a buyer to pay a price higher that what it took to build the place in 1976. The only saving grace is that it is paid for and the taxes are very low.

No, this country and society are on the skids, everyone I know is hurting, no one is without some form of pain. I can only hope that the discontent I see translates to action, but as was pointed out by another blogger, are the people so brainwashed by the lies of the right leaning media to know they are being screwed? I sort of wonder if we have a chance for change in 2012, or will people be in such despair that they accept their serfdom and let the overlords screw them again and again.

The whole idea of a revolution will start to appear as something needed as people find themselves struggling to. Put food on the table or find work that pays a living wage. I think it will be a time of much more pain before the people wake up... Get ready for more hurt.

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The story is that Steve Earle, the musicians's musician has released two tunes on a single titled Harlan on iTunes with all funds going to support labor's battle for worker's rights in Wisconsin... time for all to spend the $1.98 to lend the support to workers rights. I bought it...

Here is an article about the effort...

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Tonight I made a trip to Palm Desert for a demonstration in support of Wisconsin.... somewhat organized, and a few speakers, but as the organizer said, this is the first of many... in fact there are more next week, one by the teachers next Wednesday. I was also able to hear a potential candidate speak who is going to start his campaign to unseat Mary Bono Mack .... he sounds sincere and will be working on the redistricting issues.

Here is a picture....


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Mar. 9th, 2011 06:52 pm
Tonight the Wisconsin Senate declared war on the working class... their true motives were on display, as they separated out their anti-union issues and passed an anti-union bill after a very short meeting and a quick vote.. so they want war? They will get it... Republicans can no longer pretend to be for democracy and for America... they are nothing but corporate whores...

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That speech in Madison was a spontaneous event, not something planned. Read the story here. The story illustrated how the media is part of the problem and another article mentioned by Mike points out that the White House is part of the problem, not part of the solution... the White House sees what is happening in Wisconsin as a distraction that is not part of their new catch phrase... "win the future"....I guess workers rights are not part of the future...
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This video is good, especially the soundtrack behind it from Arcade Fire...  remember, we are all part of the battle in Wisconsin, as the class war has started. Just today the 'AstroTurf' groups funded by the Koch brothers were bussed in to counter demonstrate... a bunch pf ignorant tea party and others. The even had Andrew Breibart there to do his 'journalistic' best. This is everyone's fight.
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The battle in Wisconsin is still on... no one has die yet, the military has not fired on the demonstrators yet, but the battle goes on. Read this article and distribute it widely, as the people of Wisconsin are fighting to preserve the right to bargain in good faith. We are not serfs, we are not chattel. we are people and we exchange our labor for a living wage. This is being threatened. and the threat is against all workers.

Remember Kent State... in that case National Guard fired on protesters and killed four people... it can happen again.

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The target right now is public employees in Wisconsin, but don't feel that if you don't work as a public service employee you are going to escape this. This is corporatism at it's purest. The corporations want to remove benefits and bargaining rights from all workers. They don't want us to have any tools to challenging the corporations. We are quickly moving towards a fascist state, where the military/industrial/financial complrx owns everything, including your rights. This is a brief look at what life will be like between now and 2012. In 2012 we have another chance to fight back, but in the meantime the corporate whores will work hard to place roadblocks in our way.  The class war is on...

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Seems a new 'dictator' has taken control of Wisconsin and the people there are about to rise up against him... and he has threatened t call out the national guard to arrest them.... sound like Egypt under Mubarak?  And you thought we lived in a fool... think again.
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