Tomorrow I have an appointment with our benefits coordinator about my retirement. If all goes per plan, I should be gone from the workforce in 60 to 90 days.


Feb. 11th, 2009 07:11 am
At work, staff meeting this morning, talk of layoffs and furloughs looming. A lot of people worried. I will make the move toward retirement this morning by completing the application and getting an estimate from personnel.

I'd rather be retired and poor than live with the presure and insanity that will be the next few years.

Health care is still an issue I need to resolve. As a last resort, I do know of a few free clinics and MediCal might be an option.
I'm saddened to read of all the people losing jobs. I guess we are in a deep recession, and now is the time to re-invent yourself. I'm amazed of my situation. I was informed yesterday afternoon that I have another $2 million in my budget.  The irony is we are not allowed to fill positions as they become vacant, so as people retire next year, we will be suffering cutbacks and the work will just pile on.

The cities are looking for some part of the bailout and some sort of stimulus package, especially a package of infrastructure improvements. I've crunched so many numbers the last few months preparing estimates for work we dream we could do.

I'm awake right now, but should think of sleep, as the workday starts too soon. The alarm clock will go off at 4 a.m..

To bed I go...

P.S.  I have been asked if I want to work part time as a consultant after I retire.
Good news... I have another $2 Million added to my budget. The bad news is that I have to work hard to spend it. Like I have a lot of extra time to devote to another project.

This is at 10mm focal length..... really wide angle.



Jun. 4th, 2008 07:06 am

Now the real mud slinging starts, the primaries are over.

At work, working, anticipating a eventful day.

So far on my commute the last few days I've see homeless, rabbits, coyotes, and deer. There are a lot less SUV's on the road. Gasoline was ranging from $4.25.9 to $4.45.9 locally.

I'll be sacrificing time for savngs in this age of high oil prices.  I start with a bus ride from Temecula to Corona, a  train from Corona to Santa Ana, another bus from the train station to Civic Center, and a short walk to the office. Total time is a bit over two hours. This does not count the 40 minute drive to the first bus stop. Now I will concentrate on making the time in transit productive or at least enjoyable.

I see this use of public transit being the nexr wave, the new paradigm, more than just being 'green' but part of the new economics. The question will be how many bodies can I move per gallon, at what unit cost per passenger. If I want to make this work even better, intergrate a folding bicycle into the mix. I'm serously thinking of getting rid of one bike and working on getting a folder that can be easily moved from one mode to another,  In ant case, I see that happening within a few months. That will add a bit of physical acyivity to the mix and probably help in my overall health. 

I'm entering the phase of my life when decisions are being made about retirement. I'll have a comfortable amount of money but I will have to conserve that income by any and all means, as increases in income will not match inflation, and yes, we are in a period of inflation even if the 'economists' want t love wuth their heads up their collective arses. 

So, what ar eyou going to do when gas hits $5 or $10 a gallon. It will have a big impact on where you live and where you shop and play. Think about it.



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