Strange thing just happened... when I went to post to Dreamwidth I had to re-log in. Maybe it has to do with what I wrote about earlier and what I may have said earlier  today on FaceBook. Oh well, the watchers are watching. I'm just small fry, but if I should disappear, be aware.

Now to the topic at hand.

Read this article. It may disappear soon.. It has 'too much' information in it.  One step closer to the Orwellian world of 1984.  Be aware, be vigilant.


More info has come int the light... and it gets much more Orwellian.

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Anonymous has decided to unleash all the information it has collected at midnight new years eve... names, addresses, etc of everyone who has been shredding our rights, abusing power, or just plain being greedy.... this is going to get interesting....2012=1968 not 1984 Posted on Dreamwidth
Every day I see one more police department have all their personal information placed on the web, It seems that the cops haven't got the message, if you mistreat individuals who are protesting non-violently, or cover your name tags, or use pepper spray when it is against policy, the whole world will know who you are, where you live, where you bank, what you make, your phone number, etc.

While it may seem drastic to do this, I feel that if you commit criminal acts the public needs to know who the criminals are.

Then we have LAPD... a yputh group in south LA was doing a cleanup of the old Hyde Park library when LAPD came in all gangbusters... seems they are thinking that every group of youth are part of the occupy movement, and after a few tense moments they (LAPD) retreated, after they had made threats of arrest and $5000 bail...seems that LAPD needs to chill... since when has protest become such a crime that you assign gang units and terrorism units to break up demonstrations?

This is what 'our' police state looks like...2012 is going to be fun.

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Yes, there has been a systematic battle to disenfranchise as many liberal and progressive voices before 2012.  First it started with stealing elections, now it has moved to the states where Republican governors and legislatures have erected obstacles to prevent students, the poor, and the elderly from voting. They have made it harder to vote by changing the number and location of polling places. They have made strides in bringing voteer id laws into play to force people to provisional ballots and thus moved the fraud to the voting registrar's office. Read this and be afraid, they are working to kill democracy, and they are winning the battle. VOTE! Posted on Dreamwidth
As 2012 approaches we can look forward to a year of clowns that think they are presidential material telling us how we ought to live...meanwhile the whole world looks at this and wonders what to hell went wrong with us... is it something in the water?

As for the American Dream... that myth has been busted. You are never going to get there.. the rich don't want you as a neighbor, they need you as a  slave. Labor is part of corporatism. This article is an eye opener. Middle class? No we need common good, and community. We need compassion and humanity.

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Looks like a real threat to Obama will be Jeb Bush.. he is not in a position to shoot himself in the foot, he supports a moderate policy on immigration, and by 2012 George W. will be forgotten and Obama will have a record to live down. Mother Jones says watch out and I agree.
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Palin as President... scary enough? Are you going to make sure you vote? I guess I'll start looking for another country considering the direction this country is going.... I'm worried.. we elected an 'action hero' as governor.... we elected an actor as president.... is it time for pop culture to rule?
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Take a dumb hick with no education, couple that to an ability to talk trash and spout slogans, and you have the next "Bush". Too dumb to finish anything, she's a 'handlers' dream. The powers that be will be staging events to set the stage for 2012, and a Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton battle.

This is the article to read...



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