I read it, Norm said it.. now do it.  Chomsky says that the only real change will come about by a massive uprising, not by depending on politicians.
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This article appeared in the New York Times... and I found it by way Ed Book... so take a look and see how technology changes a culture. It is profound.
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Seems that a man who campaigned on hope and change sure isn't giving much of either nowadays. Hope went out the door when he froze federal workers pay, he caved to the Republicans and made a somewhat cynical move towards the 'center'. Whoever is providing him advice seems to be a Republican, or one pf those DINO (Democrats in name only).

Change is something I fail to see happening, he has taken on the character of a defeated man, and I don't expect change coming from the White House. It is as if he has been castrated by the Republicans as he exhibits no fight, no shining light like  we saw during the campaign.

No, this opinion piece says it all...

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It seems that some if not most memebers of Congress hold the left in contempt, that is they are not for change, and pay only lip service to the progressive values that resulted in the massive power shift in Washington. I wonder if we need a 67,000,000 person march on Washington?

Here is some reading to infuriate you..

The mind of the Democratic Leader

Were Democrats elected with a mandate to attack the left?

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Change is coming and one of the most welcome signs is the note at Change.gov that there is still work for us to do. The journey has just started, and after I retire I'll find time to devote to change, real change that comes from humans helping humans. Let it begin, we have a major climb to make from the deep abyss that George W, Bush put us in.
We face the future, we look back at the past. It is such a time that we have never faced in our lifetimes. We have choices to make, we have a vote to make, a vote that can mark the change, not only in the political landscape, but in the social fabric of this country. Our very survival depends on the outcome of this election.

We can go forward into the light, or fall into the abyss of hate and fear. The choice is yours. I choose to follow the light, I've done it before and the feeling of hope, love, and forgiveness was overwhelming. I was told once by a power much greater than myself that I had to return to this life because my mission was not done. I did not know at that time what that meant. I do now. We must save ourselves from evil, we must embrace change, we must hope for all hope.

I have nothing to gain from this other than seeing a better world. Vote hope... Vote change.... Vote Obama.
It seems that I get a new surprise from Obama each day. First he now tends to move to the center politically, he courts the evangelicals, and now is supporting faith-based initiatives in social services with the rumor being that these faith-based groups would also be allowed to hire and fire based on their religious tenets. 

He's changing before our eyes and sometimes I wonder if change is good. Listen up Barak, are you going to be the leader we heard during the primary or have you sold your soul to the establishment?

Last oil change was more costly, wonder what it will cost tonight?



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