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As I commute north on I-15....

ISO 3200, 1/4 second

I got one more day before I return to work. I  got a few things to do around here tomorrow before preparing for the commute. I was on the road today, an excursion to Idyllwild, Beaumont, Cabazon, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, and back to Anza. I did a few detours, went to Kenworthy, Pine Cove, and a ride up to the Palm Springs Tram. Didn't take the tram, but will sometime in the near future.   

As I was climbing back to Anza I passed through Pinyon Flats.  There I found a few cactus blossoming, and a Joshua Tree in bloom. Those picturs will appear when the bandwidth allows.

I have a tendency, at times,  to rate my morning drive by the number of coyote sightings. Hey, I live in the 'sticks' and commute through some pretty wild country. This was a three coyote morning. The first (coyote) crossed my path before I made it to the pavement, in hot pursuit of a meal, namely a small fast rabbit. The second (coyote) crossed just beyond the Circle K market's glaring lights, a set of glowing eyes and a shadowy figure passing down Contreras Road, heading south. Coyote three was a defiant one. He was standing in the middle of the oncoming lane, glaring at me as I passed as if I had disturbed him. His glaring stare and mottled coat, standing in a proud stance, I being the intruder in his realm.

Add to my day, all the rabbits, mice, etc. The earth is alive, even in the most barren places, some form or another is struggling to survive. I struggle to survive each day, as do most of us. How we face the day, that depends on our vision, our faith, and our will.



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