This article displays the roots and reasons why we praise ignorance while disdaining intelligence. It has been around for centuries, and now has reared its ugly head again. We must resist this urge to lower ourselves to the level of these cretins and defend intelligence, science, and reason. Posted on Dreamwidth
Seems that some of those Palin supporters have been attempting to edit Paul Revere on Wikipedia to match Sarah's version of the ride... just another example of how they hold ignorance higher than truth... and people vote for them (Republicans)???
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We have people dead and injured because a mentally ill individual took the words of Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle, Glenn Beck, and others and acted in his fashion to see the thoughts and actions of those words to their tragic end. Do I expect any remorse from the Tea Party or GOP? No, a sociopath does not acknowledge their responsibility in such matters, quickly distancing themselves from the crime, the crime they provided the words to act upon.

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Palin as President... scary enough? Are you going to make sure you vote? I guess I'll start looking for another country considering the direction this country is going.... I'm worried.. we elected an 'action hero' as governor.... we elected an actor as president.... is it time for pop culture to rule?
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Take a dumb hick with no education, couple that to an ability to talk trash and spout slogans, and you have the next "Bush". Too dumb to finish anything, she's a 'handlers' dream. The powers that be will be staging events to set the stage for 2012, and a Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton battle.

This is the article to read...
It seems that McBush (McCain) selected the new 'Dick Cheney'. Her name is Palin and she brings to the post of VP a wealth of experience of being a hockey mom and mayor of a small (by most standards) city in Alaska. She has a wealth of experience in PTA and denying that Polar Bears are endangered.

I hope that Obama/Biden gives her a warm welcome and I can't wait to see the debate with Biden.

Remember, with the old fart McCain in office she would be a heart beat (or maybe the lack of a heart beat) away from running the country.  That should make you sleep soundly at night.



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