The famous Wikileaks truck is for sale on eBay... I would like to own it just to be able to ride around San Diego and Los Angeles and watch the reaction of law enforcement.. Of course I'd need extra funds for bail money and impound fees.... But to see the conservatives and the military wonder what was going on is priceless. The creator of this mobile art car wants to see a fleet of them in 2012...

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Earlier I was reminded of the speech by Dwight D. Eisenhower... and now I find myself listening to John F Kennedy and his words... history has a lot to teach us... if we listen. This speech needs to be heard by Obama in regards to the Wikileaks issue... Kennedy says it well, if only Obama will listen and heed his advice and counsel.

The speech...about secrecy...

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Seems there are those who are willing to sacrifice the First Amendment to keep the dirt swept under the rug.

This article looks at the issue and implications and exposes the dangers of this overzealous attempt to stop Wikileaks and the media.

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In order to cover its immoral and criminal conduct, they are slowly torturing Bradley Manning to try to get him to incriminate Julian Assange and tryy Assange as a co-conspirator.  This article shows to what lengths our Justice Department will go to cover crimes against humanity and international conspiracies just to cover their collective ass. If they succeed in their attempts to charge conspiracy, investigative journalism will die, and thus the critics of policy and corruption will be silenced. Welcome to the Orwellian version of America. Be pepared to see the United States once again become the pariah of the world.
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There is a mental illness that infects those in government. It is demonstrated by the lengths they will go to to keep other government personnel from reading the leaked diplomatic cables that were disclosed by Wikileaks. This article show the thinking of the Air Force.  I find it absurd that these cables have become so scary to those in power that they will go to such lengths to block access.
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The hackers are now conducting a 'payback' campaign against those who have supported the attack on Wikileaks... so watch out banks, PayPal, Amazon....

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