Feb. 23rd, 2017

a quiz

Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:37 am

I like this quiz. I think everyone needs to answer these questions.

1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality?
2. When did you decide you were heterosexual?
3. Is it possible that your heterosexual is a phase your might outgrow?
4. Why do you insist in flaunting your heterosexuality? Why can't you be what you are and just be quiet?
5. Why do heterosexuals try to induce others into their lifestyle?
6. Have you considered therapy for your heterosexuality?

I think it is fun when the tables are turned. Just think about this.

Heterosexuality causes abortions. Heterosexuality is the predominant cause of rape. Heterosexuality is responsible for the highest percentage of divorce. Heterosexuals cause domestic violence.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:39 am

I'm pretty much into life and living but there are times when we need to learn about dying with a purpose and with dignity. How we face death is confusing to most people, many have not faced death. I've faced death and dying many times. I have been "dead" more than once myself. The first time I was unaware, the second time I was fully aware. I was there for the death of both parents. I was there for the death of people I loved, both Rosemary and Mary. I know right now a couple of friends that are near death. I'll try to be there to help them peaceably transition from what we call life to the next realm. I have discovered that we have more to life, an afterlife. I have experienced a forgiving god, a god of love.

I just watched this movie, the title is griefwalker. It is a deep movie about dying. It is both for the person who is facing death and the people who are survivors, those who remain in this realm.

I recommend taking the time to watch it. Watch it more than once and you might just learn something.


Invisible disease. I have one. Since 1975 (and probably before) I have had Lupus. I have the more deadly firm called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. It is an autoimmune disorder. My immune system has at times attacked my kidneys, my spleen and other organs. It has placed my body under such stress that all vital systems shut down. I died once and was brought back using a defibulator.

I take quite a drug cocktail to keep going. I have been taking steroids since 1975.

At one time there were few options for people with Lupus. I was told in 1976 that I might not live to see the age of 45. I'm now 69 years old. Through drug therapy I have been able to avoid life threatening flare ups. Only one flare up occured a few years after diagnosis when Lupus put me in a coma for over a week as it cause inflammation of the tissue lining the arterial walls cutting blood supply to the brain.

This has been my life so far. I was once on permanent disability but opted out of that program and got a degree and had a good career.

So don't be so quick to judge when you see a person. They might be suffering from an invisible disability or some orphan disease.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:43 am

We need to rediscover our humanity. To many people a small act of kindness will mean the world. Giving someone a meal. Giving someone a warm jacket. Letting someone get in out of the weather. More than just a kind word but an attentive ear. Say a few extra prayers each night. Some people present a rough exterior as a firm of defense. Down deep these same people just need a little love and humanity. Sacrifice a little yourself to make a difference.

This happened last sunday night.

Tonight I was in the right place at the right time. I was passing through the local casino when I saw a friend I had not seen in months. As I greeted her I noticed something strange happening. She was having a stroke. I had a friend get security and they called the paramedics. Lucky for her it was not major but for a moment she could not talk and her face clearly had paralysis on one side. I stayed with her and she slowly was able to speak. I had someone summon her husband and brother who were there for her. She was examined by the paramedics and was back to normal as far as they could tell. The recommended transport but she chose to go with her husband. Afterwards she told me that she was seeing a pulmonary specialist tomorrow as in a cat scan the found spots on her lungs. I'm hoping she is going to be okay, she had been a dear friend for years.

I was once told that my mission in life was not complete and my life was restored. I guess part of that mission is to be there to aid and comfort others. I did that tonight. I'm always there for any friend. That's just the way I live.

This friend will be in my thoughts and prayers for a while. I dearly hope all goes well.



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